How do you clean vinyl wraps on cars?

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How do you clean vinyl wraps on cars?

Are you looking for the proper way to care and clean matte/satin or vinyl wrapped finishes?

You need to try our Matte Detailer for Jay Leno's Garage Australia.

Quickly & easily clean your matte, satin & vinyl-wrapped finishes without the fear of damaging them. Our Matte Detailer is a unique chemistry blend that is designed to be ultra-slick which aids in easy dirt removal.

But where it differs is that instead of enhancing gloss, it aids in diffusing light to help maintain the cool, crisp sheen of matte & satin finishes.

Follow these simple instructions:
1. Work one panel at a time in a well-shaded area while the surface is cool to the touch.

2. Mist the surface with Matte Detailer

3. Wipe away dirt & contaminants with a soft microfiber towel

4. Flip towel to a dry side and buff to a crisp, cool sheen

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