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In this weeks blog, we are going to discuss how to restore faded plastic and trim on your vehicle. 

Most modern cars these days have black or grey plastic on different areas such as the bumpers, bonnets, rear view mirrors and more. These fade over time from sun and other weather elements because they are not protected like paint etc. 

When cars are cleaned, these areas or plastic or trim are often overlooked, but they play a very critical role in the overall appearance of a car.

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Fresh wax, paint protection film, and new coatings bond to the painted surface best when it is clean of old paint protection material.

How do you remove old wax and polish from car paint? Let us show you how quick and easy it is to do.

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When using microfiber towels to clean your car, you want to be aware of how dirty they are becoming.

If your towels are getting dirty, it's best to put them in the wash.

This week's blog will give you some simple tips to look after your towels which will also help to prolong their life in your garage.

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