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So you've had your pride and joy ceramic coated, but how do maintain its great finish and make the coating last for as long as possible?

In this blog post we'll show you the best products to use and simple tips to keep your ceramic coating looking great. 

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Has the black trim or plastic on your vehicle faded?

In this weeks blog, we are going to discuss how to restore faded plastic and trim on your vehicle. 


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Fresh wax, paint protection film, and new coatings bond to the painted surface best when it is clean of old paint protection material.

How do you remove old wax and polish from car paint? Let us show you how quick and easy it is to do.

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Clay Bar Vs Clay Mitt - What is the Difference? It's a pretty common question that we get asked frequently. Both versions of clay have distinct advantages and serve unique purposes when detailing your car. In this blog, we’ll cover their advantages and walk you through some basic tips. . 

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