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Exterior Detailing & Cleaning Products

Make your car gleam from bumper to bumper. Jay Leno’s Garage offers a stunning collection of exterior car cleaning and detailing products specially designed to help everyone get that professional-quality finish. From classic cars to the latest high-end machines, our products bring out the best in vehicles of every make, model and age. Read More...

Cleaning and detailing is a multi-stage process that takes a careful approach. But with the right products, the right knowledge and a bit of elbow grease, anyone can get their car looking even better than factory-new, creating a deep, optically perfect finish that’s sure to turn heads. At Jay Leno’s Garage, we can help you get two out of three, providing you with quality cleaners, waxes and polishes as well as the advice on how best to use them. All you have to stump up is the elbow grease.

Cleaning & detailing products to help your car shine

Jay Leno’s Garage offers products for every step of the process from an initial wash to spot detailing and protection. With our range, you’ll be able to give your car the deepest clean of its life with our vehicle wash and wheel cleaners, then correct severe swirls, scratches and oxidation with a multi-stage polishing and buffing process, before finally sealing in the goodness with a hydrophobic sealant or wax.

We know that every car is unique, and each driver has their own vision for how their vehicle should look. That’s why Jay Leno’s Garage offers a broad range of products designed to deliver real choice for our customers. Create your own custom cleaning kits from our range and ensure you’re always giving your vehicle exactly what it needs to look its very best. And with buffing pads and other accessories available, you’ll have everything you need to achieve a glass-like finish.

Build your own tailored exterior car cleaning kit

Jay Leno’s Garage products are available exclusively online, so take advantage of free delivery on all orders over $75 and stock up today.

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