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Tire & Trim Care | Tyre Dressing

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Want the best tyre dressing for a long-lasting matte, classic look finish and won't sling onto your paint?

Tire & Trim Care is a premium tyre dressing that is developed to produce a deep, long-lasting matte finish on rubber, vinyl, and plastic trim.

Tire & Trim Care is the best tyre dressing for people with classic cars, as it provides a nice matte or factory look.

Do you have faded plastic trim or rubber on your car? Tire & Trim Care will restore your faded trim and rubber back to black with ease.

  • Great for use on tyres, rubber, vinyl & plastic trim
  • Long-lasting, no-sling formulation
  • Achieve that factory, like-new look on sun-faded plastic trim
  • Provides durable UV protection
  • Absorbs quickly for instant gloss & protection


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