Drying Towels

Looking for the best Drying Towels to dry the water off your car, motorcycle, truck, SUV, or boat?

Look no further, Jay Leno's Garage Australia has all of the best range of premium Microfibre Drying Towels for your vehicle.

Search our range of premium drying towels that will make drying your car or motorcycle faster, more effective, and deliver a better result.

Twist-Tech Edgeless Drying Towel is constructed with a long-pile, twist-weave microfiber for quick, effortless drying of even the largest vehicle.
Super Drying Towel is the best drying towel for your vehicle. It's perfect for absorbing all the water on your vehicle’s surface after washing and best of all, it won't scratch your paint.


Mini Super Drying Towels are premium microfibre towels, will dry your car in minutes and won't scratch your paint. These smaller drying towels are 16” x 16” and are ideally paired with our brand new drying aid Evaporate