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Off-Road Tyre Care Kit

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Want the best products to clean those dirty Off-Road tyres and make them look new again?

Look no further, we've got what your dirty off-road tyres need.

Jay Leno's Garage Australia Off-Road Tyre Care Kit is the perfect solution for all your off-road tyre cleaning problems.

Plus, you'll save over $17 when you buy this kit!

This premium Off-Road Tyre Care Kit contains the best products to clean and make those off-road tyres shine like new again!

Experience the difference of superior vehicle care, your truck will thank you for it.

This kit includes:

All-Purpose Cleaner is a versatile cleaning solution and a must-have in your off-road tyre cleaning products. It's also the best product for cleaning your dirty engine, wheels, and other areas of your truck. Simply spray onto the tyre, let it sit for a few minutes, then scrub with a brush to remove the tough dirt.

Tire & Trim Care is a premium tyre dressing that is developed to produce a deep, long-lasting matte finish on your Off-Road Tyres. You can also use it to restore your faded rubber, vinyl, and plastic trim.

Multi-Purpose Cleaning Towel is designed for everyday cleaning and detailing of your truck. You can clean your wheels, engine bay, plastic trim, bullbar, restore your metal surfaces, and much more!

Microfibre Applicator Pad is a plush, luxurious microfiber applicator pad that is used to apply Tire & Trim Care on off-road tyres. Its soft material helps you to get into the hard-to-reach gaps of your tyres, ensuring a complete coat. 

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