Paint Decontamination

Looking for the best Paint Decontamination products to remove tough dirt, bugs, tar, and other contaminants from your vehicle's exterior surfaces?

Check out our great range of Paint Decontamination products that will maximise the effectiveness of cleaning your vehicle.

Clean Strip is a premium car wash soap that is developed for preparing your paint correction or to ensure you’re applying paint protection to a clean surface.

Clay Lube is a detailing spray developed to be used with our Synthetic Clay Mitt or clay bar so it glides smoothly across your car's paint to remove contaminants with ease. 

Bug & Tar Remover quickly breaks down bug splatter and road tar to help save exterior surfaces from corrosive damage.

All-Purpose Cleaner from Jay Leno’s Garage Australia is a versatile cleaning solution and a must-have product in your car wash arsenal. It's the best product for cleaning your engine bay, tyres, and other areas of your car, motorcycle, or truck.

Synthetic Clay Mitt is the best way to remove bonded contamination and bring back that smooth, glass-like finish to your painted surfaces.

Bug & Tar Sponge combined with our Bug & Tar Remover provides you with the best way to safely remove stubborn bug splatter, bird droppings, and other organic matter.