Microfiber Towels

Creating a beautiful car takes more than just the right detergents and conditioners. High-quality towels can help make your next wash and detail faster and more effective, delivering a better result in a shorter period of time. Unfortunately, many amateur enthusiasts and professional detailers neglect this, using any old rag or an aging chamois that doesn’t deliver the performance you need to achieve a deep, optically perfect finish. Read More...

Jay Leno’s Garage has the solution, offering a full range of towels for cleaning, drying, detailing and spot polishing. Find the accessories you need to get your car to a mirror-shine in our towel collection. Browse our range today and get your vehicle show-ready today.

Microfiber towels for car washing and drying

Properly cleaning, drying and detailing your car requires the right products in the right order. Different products must be applied with the right towel, otherwise you risk rendering them ineffective or – worse – scratching the underlying material.

At Jay Leno’s Garage, we offer a complete range of microfiber towels for every stage of the process, from drying your car to applying specific detailing products. Highly absorbent but quick drying and durable without risking scratching your paint, they’re the perfect choice for amateurs and detailers looking for a professional-quality finish. Available in a range of textures and designs to suit bodywork, glass and rims, our collection has everything you need to get your car gleaming.

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Make your vehicle sparkle inside and out with the range of exterior and interior cleaning products from the team at Jay Leno’s Garage. With free shipping on all orders over $75 to any location in Australia, it’s never been easier to stock up on detailing products.

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