Tyre Dressings

Looking for the best Tyre Dressings for your car, truck, or SUV tyres? 

Make your tyres look new with our premium Tire Shine and Tire & Trim Care products. 

Where you have a vintage, classic or modern vehicle, we have the right trying dressing for you.

Choose from our range of high-quality and long-lasting tyre dressings.

Tire & Trim Care is a premium tyre dressing that is developed to produce a deep, long-lasting matte finish on rubber, vinyl, and plastic trim. Tire & Trim Care is the best tyre dressing for people with classic cars, as it provides a nice matte or factory look. Do you have faded, vinyl, plastic trim, or rubber on your car? Tire & Trim Care will restore your faded vinyl, trim, and rubber back to black with ease.

Tire Shine is a sprayable, water-based tyre dressing that provides a long-lasting, wet-look finish to all rubber & plastic surfaces.  Tire Shine has been developed to be the best tyre shine that will quickly & easily deliver a deep, long-lasting lustrous shine that won't sling onto your paint.