Wash Buckets & Grit Guards

Want the best wash bucket for cleaning your car, SUV, motorcycle, truck, or boat? Or are you looking for a Grit Guard or Washboard to go into your wash bucket?

We have what you are looking for. 

View our range of premium Wash Buckets from Jay Leno's Garage and the original Grit Guard and Washboard.

Our Wash Bucket is essential for your next car or motorcycle wash. Our 20 Litre bucket is made from heavy-duty materials and is built to last!

Our Grit Guard is a must for any car wash when using a bucket.
The Grit Guard traps the dirt at the bottom of the bucket, so it doesn't transfer onto your wash mitt, preventing scratches. Fits in most standard 20 litre buckets.
The Grit Guard Washboard is designed to help remove dirt and contaminants from your car washing tool. The Washboard works in conjunction with Grit Guard, and makes washing your vehicle even safer.