Wheel & Tyre Cleaning

Looking for the best product to clean your dirty tyres, or remove tough brake dust from your wheels? 

Or are you looking for the best Whitewall Cleaner?

Choose from a great range of high-quality car care products to clean your wheels and tyres, keeping them looking like new!

Wheel Cleaner is a powerful brake dust remover and is what you need. It will safely and quickly remove the toughest of brake dust from your car, motorcycle, or truck wheels.

All-Purpose Cleaner is a versatile cleaning solution and a must-have product in your car wash arsenal. It's the best product for cleaning your engine bay, tyres, and other areas of your car, motorbike, or truck. 

Rubber & Whitewall Cleaner from Jay Leno’s Garage Australia is specifically formulated to quickly & easily eliminate stubborn browning, blooming & discoloration from whitewall, white letter, and even standard black wall tires. Our Rubber & Whitewall Cleaner will be the best one you have used, our customers say so!