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Premium Microfibre Polishing Towels (6-Pack)

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Looking for the best microfibre towels to polish or detail your car, truck, or motorcycle?

Look no further! Get great value with this Premium Microfibre Polishing Towel kit with 6 towels included!

Jay Leno's Garage Australia Premium Microfibre Polishing Towel 6-Pack includes six incredibly soft and premium microfibre towels that will not scratch your vehicle’s finish.

Perfect for use with Jay Leno's Garage Australia Hand Wax or Quick Detailer. Available in Jay’s favorite color, Denim Blue!

The Perfect Towel Kit for any Polishing or Detailing Job!

Our Premium Microfibre Polishing Towel allows you to detail with confidence. Use with detailing sprays, waxes, polishes & more. Designed with softness in mind so you can wipe & buff your precious vehicle and not have to worry about leaving dreaded swirl marks behind. You spend countless hours cleaning and detailing your car or truck, it only makes sense to rely on quality microfiber towels to deliver show-winning results. Don't let cheap, bargain-brand towels ruin your hard work!

Premium Detailing Construction

The extra-soft 400 GSM circular knit construction paired with the ultra-premium 70/30 microfiber blend & the satin-lined edging makes this towel an absolute workhorse in the Garage.

Care Instructions: Wash with unscented, clear, liquid detergent. Do not use powdered detergent. Wash in warm water. Dry on low heat.