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Bottle Holders - 5 Pack

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Looking for the best way to keep your vehicle care products organised in your garage?

Look no further, we have something for you.

Our Stainless Steel Bottle Holders are the perfect way to keep your Jay Leno’s products tidy and easily accessible.

Get 5 Bottle Holders in this pack for only $9.95.

These were normally only available at limited times as a special offer, but due to large public demand, we have now made these Bottle Holders available for purchase anytime! 

They are custom made for our bottles and laser cut from stainless steel for a premium look and longevity.

Watch the video review below by Mark from Biker Bits

Installation Instructions:

1. Peel the sticker from the bottle holder.

2. Get 2 screws, make sure they are the correct type for the wall or bench you will be screwing them into.

3. With the screw side up, place it on the surface and make two marks where the screws will go. 

4. Use a drill to make two holes for the screws where you have marked. 

5. Grab the Bottle Holder and screws, screw to the wall. 

Note: If you have multiple Bottle Holders, use a level to mark a straight line so you can put them together in a nice and even line like in the video above.