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The Motorcycle Wash & Cleaning Kit

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 Want the best kit to wash and clean your Motorcycle?

Look no further, we've got what you need.

Jay Leno's Garage Australia Motorcycle Wash & Cleaning Kit is the perfect solution for all your motorcycle cleaning needs.

This premium Motorcycle Wash & Cleaning Kit contains everything you need to wash, clean and protect your pride and joy.

Whether you have an Adventure Bike, Road Bike, Vintage, or Classic Motorcycle this Motorcycle Wash & Cleaning Kit is what you need.

Experience the difference of superior motorcycle care, your bike will thank you for it.

Kit Includes:

Vehicle Wash is a super-concentrated and PH-neutral wash soap and the perfect solution to wash your pride and joy.

All-Purpose Cleaner is a versatile cleaning solution and a must-have product in your motorcycle wash arsenal. It's the best product for cleaning your engine, wheels & tyres, and other areas of your motorcycle.

ECO Wash is the best Waterless Wash to remove light dirt or dust from your paint without using water. This premium waterless wash will save you lots of time and  make your motorcycle look great, and won't scratch your precious paint. 

Microfiber Chenille Wash Mitt is the best wash mitt to use when washing your motorcycle. It's extremely gentle on your paint, glass, plastic trim, tyres, and wheels, plus it will also make washing your bike fun and easy!

Plush Microfibre Towel is an incredibly soft and premium microfibre towel that will not scratch your motorcycle's finish. Perfect for using with ECO Wash to remove light dirt or dust.

Edgeless Utility Towel is designed for everyday cleaning and detailing of your motorcycle. You can clean your motorcycle's seat, riding gear, restore your metal surfaces, clean your wheels, and much more!

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