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Evaporate Drying Aid

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Do you want to save time when drying your car, motorbike, truck, or boat after a wash? 

Do this with our easy-to-use drying aid Evaporate and give your paint a high-gloss finish.

Evaporate from Jay Leno's Garage Australia is the best car wash drying aid that helps lubricate your towel during the drying process, it leaves behind a robust layer of paint sealant.

  • Provides ultra-slick lubrication while drying your vehicle’s paint
  • Helps your drying towel absorb more water in less time
  • Lubricate, protect, shine & seal all in one step!
  • An advanced blend of polymer-based sealants & resins provides robust paint protection!

Directions for use:

Just spray Evaporate drying aid on while the car is still wet after you’ve finished your car wash & rinse steps. You’ll immediately begin to see the water jump off the surface as you apply Evaporate.

1. Work one panel at a time in a well-shaded area while the surface is cool to the touch.

2. We suggest using two drying towels when using Evaporate. One to absorb water and massage the sealant into your vehicle's exterior surfaces. The second will help to buff & finish to a beautiful shine.

3. While the surface is still wet, mist Evaporate onto your car or truck. Don't overdo it here, a little can go a long way.

4. With your first microfiber towel, wipe to distribute Evaporate onto the surface and absorb as much water as possible.

5. With your second microfiber towel, buff the surface to a perfect finish.

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Bottle Type: Spray Trigger

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