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Gift Product - Microfibre Towel Kit | Detailing Towels

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Looking for the best microfibre towels in a kit to clean your car, motorcycle, truck, SUV, or boat? 

Look no further!

Jay Leno's Garage Australia Microfibre Towel Kit is made up of our most essential car care and detailing microfibre towels into one convenient kit.

Included in this microfibre towel kit is:

Our Plush Microfibre Towel is an incredibly soft and premium microfibre towel that will not scratch your vehicle’s finish and is perfect for use with JLG’s Hand Wax, Spray Wax, Radiant or Quick Detailer. Available in Jay’s favorite color, Denim Blue!

Our Edgeless Utility Towel is designed for everyday vehicle cleaning and detailing.
You can clean your car's interior, remove stains from seats, restore your metal surfaces, clean your wheels, and much more! 

This versatile towel is perfect for use with our Interior Detailer, Leather Cleaner, Fabric Clean, and more.

Microfibre Towels are an essential vehicle detailing tool, and not all microfibre is created equal. The wrong towel or wash mitt can cause more harm than good.