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Hand Wax Kit

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Want the best wax and microfibre polishing towels to protect the paint of your car, truck, motorbike, or boat?

Our Hand Wax Kit is what you need!

Save $30 when you buy this premium hand wax kit!

Hand Wax is an advanced carnauba wax car polish that is engineered to nourish and protect your vehicle’s finish.

This premium Hand Wax Kit will restore depth and clarity to clear coat, fiberglass, gel coat, and painted surfaces.
Hand Wax provides a tough, protective barrier to help prevent contaminants from adhering to your vehicle’s finish.
This kit includes:

Benefits of using our Hand Wax Kit:

  • Give your vehicle that glossy “wet look”
  • Restores depth & clarity to painted surfaces
  • Protects paint finish from contaminants.
  • Provides UV Protection from the sun
  • Apply by hand, no polisher is necessary


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