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Jay's Starter Kit

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Looking for the best starter kit to wash your car, motorbike, truck, or boat? Look no further!

Jay's Starter Kit is the perfect car wash kit that comes complete with the basics for cleaning and detailing your precious pride and joy.

  • A quick and simple car wash in a bucket!
  • Safely clean your vehicle with these premium car care products.
  • Use Vehicle Wash for loads of foam, then leave behind an amazing gloss and shine with Quick Detailer.
  • Remove dirt with ease when washing your car with our premium Microfibre Wash Mitt.
  • Keep your car, motorbike, truck, or boat clean between washes using our Quick Detailer, wipe it off to a brilliant shine with the premium microfibre towels.
  • This premium car wash kit has been assembled by our detailing specialists.

Kit Includes:

Jay's Starter Kit gets you the basics to start washing and cleaning your car, truck, motorbike, or boat in a hurry.

You can also use Vehicle Wash in your foam cannon set up to wash your vehicle.

We've put together the fundamentals of a great car wash in one easy-to-use car wash kit. Safely clean your wheels, tyres, and of course your vehicle's precious paint with these great car wash products. 

Great Gift Idea
This car wash starter kit makes shopping for the car person or enthusiast on your gift list a breeze. Don't sweat the details, our car care specialists have hand-picked each component!

Step Up You Detailing Game
This car wash starter kit is sure to make cleaning & maintaining any vehicle fun & easy. Jay's Starter Kit is the perfect bundle package to give as a gift, or get you started on your professional detailing journey!