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The Vehicle Care Kit

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Looking for the best gift idea for a car enthusiast or you're looking to get started with the Jay Leno's range of car care products?

Look no further, we've got what you need.

Jay Leno's Garage Australia Vehicle Care Kit has just been updated with the latest cermaic products available. The perfect gift idea for any car lover or enthusiast for their car wash and cleaning needs!

This premium car care kit contains everything you need to wash, clean, shine and protect your car, motorbike, truck, or boat all in one convenient package.

Experience the difference of superior vehicle care, your car will thank you for it.

Kit Includes:

Ceramic Wash Shampoo
Improve the durability, gloss, and beading of any existing coating. A great way to wash and ceramic coat your vehicle in one, easy step.

Quick Detailer
A detailing spray formulated to provide unsurpassed slickness and shine in one easy application. Used to help remove light fingerprints, smudges, water spots, and light dust. Great for use on all painted surfaces, clear coat, plastic, glass, chrome, and aluminum. Safe for use on a freshly waxed surface.

Interior Detailer
Interior Detailer has a gentle cleansing formula specifically designed to be the best interior cleaning product for trucks & cars. Blended with special UV inhibitors, our Interior Detailer helps to guard against the harmful effects of the sun. Leaves behind a factory-fresh, non-greasy finish that repels dust for weeks to come!

Ceramic Tire Dressing
Jay's Ceramic Tire Dressing is infused with a high-tech nanoparticle blend of SiO2 that leaves behind a super-durable layer of protection. When applied properly, Ceramic Tire Dressing repels water, dirt, UV rays, and other environmental pollutants to help keep your tires looking better longer!

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