Best Way To Restore Faded Car Tyres and Trim

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Best Way To Restore Faded Car Tyres and Trim

What is the best way to restore faded car tyres & trim?

Tires, wheels and trim are often overlooked, yet play a very critical role in the overall appearance of a car. Considering that tires and exterior trim are in continuous contact with the harshest elements (dirt, grime, water, salt, brake dust, grease and road debris) it’s understandable that they require special care.

Properly cared for tires and trim complete the look of a well-detailed vehicle and add significantly to the overall appearance. Different types of dressings will help achieve different looks and/or finishes.

What is a tyre and trim dressing?

Tyre dressing goes by a lot of different names, and comes in a lot of various forms. Some are a thick cream, while some are a spray-able liquid.  No matter what the form, their purpose is to clean, beautify and protect the exterior rubber, plastic and/or vinyl surfaces of your vehicle. But not all dressings are created equal.

Solvent-based vs. water-based dressings, what’s the difference? 

Solvent-based dressings are usually a greasy, sticky liquid that leaves behind a very wet, glossy appearance to your tyres and/or trim. Great care needs to be taken when using solvent-based dressings as some contain petroleum-distillates that may lead to premature wear and/or discoloration.

Water-based dressings are typically milky-white in color and made from a blend of synthetic polymers and naturally occurring oils. They provide a natural, non-greasy, satin finish to both tyres and trim, and are often times safer for use as they contain additives that help prevent drying, cracking, fading or hardening. 

JLG's Tire & Trim Care is a high-quality dressing that is scientifically engineered to produce a deep, long-lasting shine on rubber, vinyl and plastic trim. The waterborne formulation provides anti-static properties that help repel dust and grime, while UV-protection helps shield against the harmful effects of the sun. 

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