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Hand Wax, Spray Wax -

So you have just washed and dried your car, now you might be wondering what car wax you should use to protect the paint and give it a great shine? 

Car wax is an easy way to make your car look as good as new, but more importantly it provides a level of paint protection to guard against harsh environmental elements. 

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Interior, Interior Detailer -

We know how hard it is to keep the dashboard and inside of your car clean. 

With general use of your car, or you might have kids and pets, it doesn't take much for dust to build up. 

Most of the time, we keep the outside and floors of our cars clean, and the dashboard gets neglected. 

If you don't protect your interior, the suns UV rays will have harmful affects, that  cause fading and cracking. 

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Tyre & Trim, Tyre Shine -

It's frustrating after you have just finished washing your car, to go for a cruise then see the tyre dressing that you have used, slung onto your clean paint. We get it.

Most people blame the product they are using, but most likely it could be the technique being used to apply the tyre dressing. 

Want to prevent this from happening? Let us show you how easy it is do and the best tyre dressing products to use.

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Gift Ideas -

We understand what it's like buying presents for the car or motorcycle lover in your life, whether it's for Christmas, Fathers Day, Mothers Day or a Birthday. We get it. 

You might have a friend or someone in your family who is a full on car or motorcycle enthusiast, they might passionate about one brand like Ford or Holden, or one particle type of vehicle like a Mustang. 

They could be a Porsche, Ferrari, Holden, or Ford fan, or love all types of motorcycles, and might seem to have everything already which makes it hard to choose the best gift. 

To help make your choice easier, we've put together our Top 5 Gifts For Car or Motorcycle Lovers.

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Bad Smells, Odour Eliminator -

Did you leave your gym bag in the car overnight? Maybe the kids spilled a mystery liquid and you’re not quite sure where the smell is coming from.

Regardless of where the odours are coming from, don’t let foul smells dampen the mood.

Let us show you the best way to remove bad smells from your car.

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