Wash Soaps & Cleaners

Want the best wash soaps and shampoos to clean your car, motorcycle, SUV, truck, or boat?

Look no further!

Jay Leno's Garage Australia has the best range of premium car wash soaps that will remove the toughest of dirt and grime from your pride and joy. 

We also stock the best pH-Neutral Wash Soaps and Detailing Sprays to keep your ceramic coating in excellent condition. 

Check out our range of premium car wash soaps that include:

  • Wash Soaps and Shampoos

  • PH Neutral Wash Soaps to use on ceramic coatings

  • Waterless Wash sprays and products

  • Wash Soap 'Clean Strip' for removing old waxes and sealants.

We spared no expense through the development process, and feel we’ve come up with the best range of premium vehicle wash soaps and shampoos that out-perform anything else available today. 

Vehicle Wash is a premium car wash soap that produces a thick, foaming lather to help remove tough dirt and grime from your pride and joy. It's pH-Neutral formula makes it the perfect wash soap to use if you have a ceramic coating applied to your car or motorcycle.

Wash & Wax is a premium car wash and wax soap that thoroughly cleans your vehicle while leaving behind a layer of wax protection to help shield your paint.

Clean Strip is a concentrated car wash shampoo that is blended with strong cleaning agents that will remove any previous wax, polish and other sealants

Eco Wash is the best waterless wash to remove light dirt or dust from your paint without using water. This premium waterless wash will save you lots of time, make your car, motorcycle, truck or boat look great, and won't scratch your precious paint. 

Evaporate is a premium car wash drying aid that helps lubricate your towel during the drying process, it leaves behind a robust layer of paint sealant.

All-Purpose Cleaner from Jay Leno’s Garage Australia is a versatile cleaning solution and a must-have product in your car wash arsenal. It's the best product for cleaning your engine bay, tyres, and other areas of your car, motorbike, or truck. 

Bug & Tar Remover quickly breaks down bug splatter and road tar to help save exterior surfaces from corrosive damage.