Interior Cleaning Products

Looking for the best interior cleaning products in Australia for your car, truck, SUV, or boat?

Jay Leno’s Garage Australia offers an extensive selection of the best car Interior Cleaning Products designed to clean and condition your leather seats, polish metals, streak-free glass, clean your dash and instruments, remove tough stains from your car seats, and much more!

Find the best products to:

  • Remove stains from fabric car seats
  • Clean and restore leather car seats
  • Remove dust from your dashboard, dials, and other sensitive areas
  • Get rid of tough stains from cloth, leather, and other fabric surfaces
  • Remove bad smells and odors 

From glass to upholstery, paneling, and more, we help you eradicate dirt and enhance the appearance of every part of your car. 

Interior Detailer from Jay Leno's Garage Australia is the best interior cleaning spray for your leather, vinyl, plastic & even sensitive LCD or navigation screens.

Fabric Clean is a powerful carpet and upholstery cleaner formulated to quickly and safely remove tough dirt and stains from any fabric surface.

Glass Cleaner will be the best glass cleaner you have tried and is an essential tool for every car cleaning arsenal. 

Easily lift away dirt, residue, grease, denim transfer, body oils, and stains using our Leather Cleaner. It's safe to use on natural leather, new OEM sealed leather, and synthetic leather alternatives.