How To Clean & Protect Your Car Interior

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How To Clean & Protect Your Car Interior

We know how hard it is to keep the dashboard and inside of your car clean. 

With general use of your car, or you might have kids and pets, it doesn't take much for dust to build up. 

Most of the time, we keep the outside and floors of our cars clean, and the dashboard gets neglected. 

If you don't protect your interior, the suns UV rays will have harmful effects, that can lead to fading and cracking. 

Best of all, it doesn't take long to do.

Dirty car interior | Jay Leno's Garage Australia Car Care

Which product should you use?

Interior Detailer is the best product for cleaning your dashboard, various interior surfaces including leather, vinyl, & plastic. It's safe for use on your LCD & navigation screens.

It's a gentle cleansing formula, leaves behind a factory-fresh, non-greasy finish that repels dust for weeks to come!

Follow these simples steps:

1. Spray Interior Detailer onto a clean Microfibre Towel.

Spraying Interior Detailer onto Car Cleaning Towel

2. Wipe on the desired area to be cleaned.

Wiping off Interior Detailer to clean car interior

3. Flip the towel over to a dry side and wipe away any excess. Buff to a natural finish.

Clean Car Dash after using Interior Detailer from Jay Leno's Garage Australia

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