How To Clean Your Car Engine Bay

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How To Clean Your Car Engine Bay

What is the best way to clean your engine bay?

In this post, we’re going to cover a topic that often strikes fear in the hearts of lots of us detailing our own cars at home, cleaning your engine bay.

All Purpose Cleaner used to clean a Hot Rod engine bay.

These days, doing a proper cleaning on most current engine bays isn’t nearly as daunting as it used to be. 

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Follow the simple steps below to clean your engine bay.

  1. Make sure your engine is cool to the touch, you don't want to start spraying water on a hot engine. If you have just finished driving, wait about 30 minutes for it to cool down.
  2. Cover any electronics, fuses, or air intakes with plastic bags, garbage bags or zip lock bags.  
  3. Do a quick vacuum of any loose debris that accumulates in the engine bay, the bottom of the windscreen, and other areas.
  4. Do a light rinse to help knock off as much dirt as possible which will help get everything ready to be cleaned. 
  5. Once you have done the light rinse, spray a good amount of All-Purpose Cleaner over the whole area, the dirtier the engine, the more you will need to spray. Stay away from saturating the electronic connections just to be careful. 
  6. Let the APC sit and penetrate on the engine for a few minutes, this will loosen the grime. 
  7. Now you can use your brush, start with the least dirty areas first, the save the dirtier spots until last. 
  8. Once you have scrubbed everything, get your hose or water pressure cleaner and do a very light rinse, avoiding the electrical areas. 
  9. After this has been done, its time to dry the engine, if you have access to compressed air, or a leaf blower, we recommend this. Otherwise, you can use a basic microfibre towel or your household vacuum if you can set it on reverse. 
Wheel brush used to clean the engine bay of a Hot Rod.

Your engine bay is now clean! If you want to go a step further, you could apply Tire & Trim Care to help restore the black plastic sections of your engine bay and wipe off any excess. 

Wiping a clean engine bay down with a microfibre towel

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