What is a Waterless Wash?

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What is a Waterless Wash?

Need to remove light dirt or dust from your car or motorcycle and you don't want to use the hose and bucket routine? 

Or do you live somewhere that doesn't have easy access to water? 

We feel you. 

You need to try a Waterless Wash! Just spray our Eco Wash and wipe the dirt away, leaving a long-lasting gloss finish.

Waterless Washes are perfect if you:

  • need to remove light dust/grime.
  • if you live in a place like an apartment block with no access to water.
  • don't have time to wash your vehicle with a hose and bucket.

How do you use a Waterless Wash? Thats easy, follow the steps below.

If you can, put your car, motorcycle, SUV, truck etc in the garage or in the shade so it's out of the sun. Make sure the paint is cool to touch before you begin the waterless wash.

Also make sure that the microfibre towel which you are using is clean prior to doing the waterless wash. (We recommend having a couple of towels on hand if one is dirty, or you might need two for larger or dirtier vehicles).

Step 1.

Grab your Waterless Wash, one panel at a time, spray the product liberally onto the surface. Allow 30 - 60 seconds for the waterless wash solution to emulsify (break down) dirt, dust & road grime.

Using Eco Wash Waterless Wash with Towel | Jay Leno's Garage Australia

Step 2. 

Using one side of your microfiber towel, wipe in a single direction and lift away dirt. When using a waterless wash it is important to avoid swirling motions, this can drive dirt particles into the surface and cause scratches or swirls.

Wiping off Eco Wash Waterless Wash with Towel on Telsa

Step 3. 

Once you have wiped off the waterless wash and removed the dirt/grime from the panel, turn the towel over to the clean side and buff the surface to a great shine. 

Step 4. 

Repeat these steps for each panel or part of your vehicle. If you want to clean your wheels with the waterless wash, we recommend using another towel. This is because brake dust contains harmful chemicals that could possibly damage your paint.

Once you have finished, we recommend washing your towel to remove the dirt, so next time you wash your vehicle it's nice and clean. Learn how to wash your microfibre towels here.

As always, if you have any questions about washing and detailing your pride and joy, contact us here.


Jay Leno's Garage Australia Team


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