How To Stop Tyre Shine Going On Your Clean Paint

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How To Stop Tyre Shine Going On Your Clean Paint

It's frustrating after you have just finished washing your car, to go for a cruise then see the tyre dressing that you have used, slung onto your clean paint. We get it.

Most people blame the product they are using, but most likely it could be the technique being used to apply the tyre dressing. 

Want to prevent this from happening? Let us show you how easy it is do and the best tyre dressing products to use.

Clean Your Tyres:

If you want to keep you tyres looking like they are brand new, its important to keep them as clean as possible with regular cleaning. If dirt or grime remains on your tyres, it prevents the tyres dressing from creating a bond with the rubber.

You might think some wash soap in a bucket and a quick scrub with a brush will remove the dirt and grime from your tyres. 

Its very important you use the correct Wheel & Tyre cleaning products when cleaning your tyres. We recommend using our All-Purpose Cleaner or Rubber & Whitewall Cleaner for cleaning dirty tyres, and our Wheel Cleaner for cleaning the wheels. Make sure you are also using a good Wheel Brush when cleaning your wheels and tyres.

All-Purpose Cleaner removing dirt from car tyres

If you still see dirt or grime in the soap bubbles coming from the tyres while scrubbing with the wheel brush, you need to keep scrubbing to make sure they are 100% clean.

Using the Correct Tyre Dressing: 

There are two main types of Tyre Dressings, Silicone and Water-based.

Our Tyre Dressings Tire Shine and Tire & Trim Care are both water-based, which are best to use because they soak into the rubber, leave an excellent finish and won't sling onto your clean paint. 

Where as Silicone-based tyre dressings sit on the surface of the tyre, dirt sticks to them, easily sling onto your paint and are also hard to remove when cleaning your tyres. 

Want a wet-look or high-gloss finish on your tyres? Use our Tire Shine tyre dressing.

Tyre Shine Wet-Look Tyre Dressing

Or are you after that 'factory' or 'matte' look on your tyres? You need to use our Tire & Trim Care. This is perfect for classic or vintage cars when you don't want that high-gloss finish.

Tire & Trim Care on Classic car tyres

How To Apply Tyre Dressing Correctly:

When applying tyre dressing, its important not to put loads of the product onto your tyre, might look great, but its hard to manage and lots will get into the gaps and then hard to remove. 

It's best to apply a small amount and gradually work your way around the tyre until its coated, it will also dry quicker. 

We recommend using a Foam Block Applicator when applying your tyre shine, it creates the perfect layer and reduces lots of mess. 

Applying Tyre Shine with Foam Block

You simple squeeze or spray the tyre dressing directly onto the end of the foam block, then apply to the tyre evenly. You can make multiple passes around the tyre so it creates an even layer, then move the car to rotate the tyre so you don't miss any spots.

The square edge of the foam block is great when going around the edge of your wheel rim, to prevent tyre shine going onto the metal. 

Once finished, you can clean up any excess or reduce the shine to your desired look with a microfibre towel. We recommend waiting 15-30 mins before you drive the car, the make sure the tyre shine has dried into the surface. 

As always, if you have any questions about our range of vehicle care products or car care tips, contact us here


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