How to Correctly Clean Vehicle Windscreens and Windows

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How to Correctly Clean Vehicle Windscreens and Windows

Looking for the best way to clean your car windscreen and windows?

Its great to have a clean windscreen and windows to improve the appearance of your vehicle, but more importantly you need them clean while driving for safety reasons. 

Jay Leno cleaning car windscreen with Glass Cleaning towel

In this blog, we'll provide some great tips and best products to use so your windows keep clean and streak-free!

Things to know before you begin:

  • Clean your windscreen and windows last after you have washed your car.
  • Do in the shade and not direct sunlight and make sure the glass is cool to touch before beginning.
  • Purchase a good glass cleaning liquid and glass towel.

Follow these steps for basic cleaning:

  1. Spray the Glass Cleaning product directly onto the outside of the glass, you don't need lots, just enough to cover the glass. Then wipe the glass towel in horizontal strokes to clean the glass. 
  2. Repeat for other windows.
  3. Once you have cleaned the outside windows, its now time for the inside. Repeat the above process, but this time use vertical strokes with the towel instead of horizontal strokes. This will make it easy for you to see where you have been and if you have missed any areas. 


Want to clean your windows like the professionals?

Sometimes even clean windows can still be dirty, they might have built up grime, bugs or insects and other contaminants that a regular clean won't remove. 

How can you tell? 

Get a sealable plastic lunch bag that can fit your hand, then place your hand in the bag and rub it across the glass. If there are any contaminants, you will feel them through the plastic.

Cleaning Car Glass and Windscreens

How do you clean windows like the professionals?

We recommend using a synthetic clay mitt or clay bar combined with a good clay lube or detailing spray for a thorough clean.

Follow these steps below.

  1. With a clay lube or detailing spray, spray directly onto the glass.
  2. Then with a synthetic clay mitt or clay bar, gently wipe evenly across the glass until nice and smooth.
  3. Wipe off any excess with a glass towel.
  4. Then spray a glass cleaner onto the glass, and wipe clean with a glass towel, use another dry glass towel if the other is getting damp to get a streak-free finish.
  5. Repeat for other windows.

We hope this has provided some simple tips to help you get great looking and streak free glass and windscreens. 

If you ever have any questions about out products, you can check out our other blog post in our Tech Tips or shoot us an email at 


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