Tips to Prepare Your Vehicle for Winter

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Tips to Prepare Your Vehicle for Winter

What is the best way to protect your car or motorcycle for the winter months?

With the cooler months ahead, it’s important to protect your vehicle from the elements. Especially on the lower panels, as they get the most abuse from the road.

Consider these tips to help protect your vehicle this winter:


The tread pattern on your tyres is the first line of defence in how well your vehicle handles in tough road conditions or even worse, emergency situations (hard braking, swerving, etc.). It’s important to keep an eye on how much tread life you have left, and if it’s too low then it may be time to replace your tyres.

Tyre pressure is often overlooked, but certainly critical to the life and performance of your tyres, especially when conditions are less than ideal. Make sure the air pressure in your tyres is filled to the manufacturer’s recommended level. Too little or too much air pressure can pose a potential risk and negatively affect your tyre’s performance.


Before the weather gets too bad, perform a thorough wash & cleaning of the entire vehicle, then apply a robust layer of protection to the painted surfaces paying special attention to the lower panels as these are the areas that see the most abuse from the road. Wax is a great place to start for paint protection, but stepping up to a sealant or even ceramic style coating will ensure your paint protection lasts through the toughest conditions. 


It goes without saying that keeping your field of view free of obstructions is key & critical for safety. Applying a glass cleaner/sealant to your windshield can help in a number of areas. First, it will help rain, sleet or even snow glide easily off the surface keeping your vision unobstructed. Second, it can help your windshield wipers to be more efficient in keeping your windshield clean & clear.

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The cooler weather is already starting to rear its ugly head, and when it does you want to make sure you're prepared!

Hopefully, these tips will help you get ready for winter and make it through unscathed!

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