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Step 3 Gold Series Finishing Polish

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Are you looking for the best Finishing Polish to restore depth and clarity on painted surfaces?

Our Gold Series Finishing Polish is an ultra-fine finishing paint correction crème that is formulated to correct minor hazing, swirls, or holograms.

It has a water-based formulation that contains no fillers and is easy to clean. Safe for all paint finishes and gel coats.

This paint correction finishing polish is best suited for use with a dual-action machine polisher.

This premium Finishing Polish leaves behind show-winning shine and prepares your paint’s surface for your choice of protection: wax, sealant, or coating.

  • Our least aggressive surface correction formula
  • Corrects minor hazing, swirls, and holograms
  • Blended with micro-abrasives that work to leave behind a deep, optically pure finish
  • No added fillers

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Bottle Type: Pop Top

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