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Rubber & White Wall Cleaner

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Rubber & Whitewall Cleaner from Leno’s Garage is specifically formulated to help clean oxidised & discolored whitewall, white letter and standard black wall tires.

  • Quickly & easy eliminate browning & discoloration
  • Whiten even the dullest whites
  • Effortlessly break down previous dressing applications
  • Industrial-strength formula
  • Safe for use on all wheel finishes

Why do your tires brown in the first place? Tires, regardless of whitewall or black wall variation, typically brown because of an anti-aging element blended into the rubber during manufacturing. This element, called antiozonant, helps to prevent dry rotting and premature aging. The downside is that this same element is prone to oxidation when it interacts with atmospheric elements like oxygen. This oxidation process reveals itself in the form of a brown film that forms over the surface of the rubber/tire.

Thoroughly cleaning & protecting your tires are the two best ways to cope with the inevitable browning. Rubber & Whitewall Cleaner from Leno’s Garage is blended to eat away at the oxidized antiozonant, as well as old dressing applications, silicones or any other grease-like material that might be present on your tire or rubber surfaces. This leaves a fresh, clean surface for your next dressing application to adhere to and provide lasting protection.

Directions for use:

Quickly & easily eliminate stubborn browning, blooming & discoloration from whitewall, white letter and even standard black wall tires.

1. Working in a cool, shaded area spray Rubber & Whitewall directly on to the rubber surface that is intended to be cleaned.

2. Allow a few moments for the cleaning solution to begin to work its magic.

3. With a stiff-bristled brush, scrub away the unsightly browning, blooming, and previous dressing applications.

4. Once all of the discoloration & dirt is removed, rinse with clean water then dry.