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Clay Lube

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Want to improve the use of a clay mitt or clay bar for paint correction?

Jay Leno's Garage Australia Clay Lube is a detailing spray developed to be used with a clay mitt or clay bar so it glides smoothly across your car's paint to remove contaminants with ease. 

  • Great for use with a clay bar and/or clay mitt
  • Helps clay material glide smoothly over painted surfaces
  • Reduces friction
  • Safe for use on paint, glass, vinyl, plastic & metal surfaces
  • Made in the USA

Introducing our brand new Clay Lube from Jay Leno's Garage Australia. The ultra-slick formulation helps your clay bar or clay mitt effortlessly glide across a painted surface while helping lift away bonded contaminants. 

Want to learn how to use Clay Lube? You can read our blog post on how to clay your paint here.

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Bottle Type: Spray Trigger