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Clean Strip

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What is the best way to remove wax, polish and other sealants from your car, motorbike, truck, or boat?
Look no further, we've got something for you. 

Clean Strip from Jay Leno’s Garage Australia is a concentrated car wash shampoo that is blended with strong cleaning agents that will remove any previous wax, polish and other sealants.

Clean Strip is a premium car wash soap that is developed for preparing your paint correction or to ensure you’re applying paint protection to a clean surface.

  • Thick, foaming lather helps to lift dirt & grime away from your paint
  • Safely strips away previous wax or paint sealant applications
  • Helps new coating, sealant, or wax applications to create a strong bond with the surface
  • Can reveal hidden scratches & swirls marks
  • Ideal for use prior to a claying procedure to help remove embedded dirt particles

Directions for use:

Clean Strip can be used with a traditional hose & bucket or with a pressure washer & foam cannon setup. If using a traditional hose & bucket, we suggest using the two-bucket car wash method.

Directions for use with 20-litre bucket:

1. Add 2-4 ounces of Clean Strip to an empty bucket. Spray a pressurised blast of water to fill the bucket and produce loads of luxurious suds.

2. Wash your car, motorbike, truck, or boat with your normal wash routine.

Directions for use with a foam gun or foam cannon setup:

1. Fill the water/soap reservoir with clean water until almost full. Note if there are any fill lines printed on the bottle.

2. Add 2-4 ounces of soap to the water/soap reservoir.

3. Attach to foam gun/cannon and use per manufacturer's instructions.

Bottle Size:
Bottle Type: Pop Top

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