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Your car’s exterior may be what passers-by see, but if you truly want to enjoy the experience of driving your car, make sure the interior is just as stunning. Jay Leno’s Garage offers an extensive selection of car interior products designed to clean, polish, nourish and protect your car’s most vulnerable components. From glass to upholstery, panelling and more, we help you eradicated dirt and enhance the appearance of every part of your car. Read More...

Make your car beautiful, inside and out with help from our collection. Browse our range today and discover the perfect thing for your vehicle.

Interior car care products for every driver

At Jay Leno’s Garage, we wouldn’t settle for less than the absolute best. We’d tried thousands of products and found them all wanting in some way or another, so we set out to create a range of professional-quality car interior cleaning and detailing products that achieved exceptional results on all surfaces without leaving behind an oily residue or damaging the material.

After years of close work with top chemists and product engineers, we’d achieved it. Our range of interior products are an essential part of professional car cleaning kits around the world, helping both detailers and amateur enthusiasts clean and enhance the part of the car that you’re up close and personal with. For show-winning results from top to bottom and bumper to bumper, there’s no better choice than Jay Leno’s Garage.

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