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Spray Wax

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Want the best Spray Wax for your car or motorcycle? 

Jay Leno’s Garage Australia Spray Wax is the best and easiest wax to apply to your vehicle for excellent paint protection.

Once you have washed and dried your car, motorcycle, truck, or boat, apply a coat of Spray Wax and it will provide months of paint protection.
We suggest applying Spray Wax after every car wash to extend the life of your base wax or sealant application.
  • Quick and easy way to apply carnauba wax
  • Provides incredible shine and protection
  • 16 oz. & gallon sizes available


  1. Make sure paint surface is clean and cool to the touch. Working a single panel at a time, mist the surface with spray wax, then distribute evenly with a clean microfiber towel.
  2. Once wax has hazed slightly, begin wiping off with a clean, dry microfiber towel. Buff to a glossy finish.

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Bottle Type: Spray Trigger

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