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Eco Wash Kit | Waterless Car Wash

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Do you live in a place with no access to water to wash your car? Or your car just needs a quick wash and you don't have time to get the hose and bucket out?

Eco Wash Kit, our waterless car wash kit will save you lots of time, makes your car look great, and won't scratch your paint. 

  • Wash, wax, and protect without washing or rinsing!
  • Advanced lubricants and emulsifiers prevent scratching
  • Spray on/Wipe off formula gently removes light buildup and dust
  • (1) 16oz bottle of Eco Wash
  • (1) Eco Wash Microfiber Waffle Weave Towel

Jay Leno’s Garage Eco Wash is sure to be one of our most popular and effective products. This advanced waterless-wash formula is the perfect solution if access to water is limited, or you’re trying to limit water use. Safe for use on lightly contaminated surfaces.

Contains advanced lubricants and emulsifiers to help remove light dust without scratching or swirling. This combo kit includes both a 16oz bottle of Eco Wash and our premium Eco Wash Microfiber Waffle Weave Towel.

Directions for use:

Always wash your car or truck in a shaded area, and ensure the surface is cool to the touch. We suggest using a waffle weave, or a high-pile microfiber towel. These types of towels will help lift and trap dirt up and away from the surface.

1. Work small areas at a time.

2. Spray Eco Wash liberally onto the surface. Allow 30 - 60 seconds for the solution to emulsify (break down) dirt, dust & road grime.

3. Using a clean side of your microfiber towel, wipe in a single direction and lift away dirt. When using a waterless wash it is important to avoid swirling motions, this can drive dirt particles into the surface and cause scratches or swirls.

4. Continuously shift/flip your towel to a clean section as you're wiping away dirt & grime in different sections.

5. Once the surface is free of dirt & debris, use a second, clean microfiber towel to buff the surface to a beautiful shine.

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