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Foam Block Applicator

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Are you tired of getting your hands dirty when applying tyre shine? 

Want to learn how to stop tyre dressing from slinging onto your clean paint?

We've got what you need?

Using Jay Leno's Garage Australia Foam Applicator block is the best way to apply tyre shine or other tyre dressings to your tyres.

  • Easy to hold and apply the perfect amount of tyre dressing
  • Won't sling onto your paint
  • The soft foam contours to the shape of your tyre
  • The straight edge allows you to apply your tyre shine to the edge of your rim
  • Perfect for tire dressing, or detailing trim and interior pieces.

Wrap the block in a microfiber cloth for even applications of your coatings. Perfect for use with Jay’s Tire & Trim Care.

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