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Glass Cleaner

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Streak-free glass can be tough to achieve, but it doesn’t have to be! Glass Cleaner from Jay Leno’s Garage Australia is an essential tool for every auto detailing arsenal.

  • Removes dirt, dust & grime with ease
  • Contains no streak-causing dyes
  • The ammonia-free formula is safe for use on tinted windows
  • Great for detailing out on the driveway, or inside the home too!
  • Helps with safe driving by improving visibility

Directions for use:

Clean, dry microfiber towels dedicated to glass cleaning will go miles in helping to achieve a streak-free finish when cleaning glass. We suggest having at lease two to work with when cleaning your car or truck's glass surface.

1. Mist the glass surface with Glass Cleaner. Dirtier surfaces may require more product to be used.

2. With your first towel, wipe away any dirt & grime.

3. With your second, dry towel, buff the glass to a streak-free finish.

If working on interior glass, it may be easier to mist your towel with Glass Cleaner first. This can help avoid getting the solution on parts where it isn't intended.

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