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Synthetic Clay Mitt

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Does your clay bar keep getting dirty and doesn't last very long?

Jay Leno’s Garage Australia Synthetic Clay Mitt is the best way to remove bonded contamination and bring back that smooth, glass-like finish to your painted surfaces.

Our Clay Mitt is incredibly durable. It can be rinsed and reused multiple times. If you drop it on the ground, don't sweat it! Simply rinse it clean, and it's good to use again.

  • Quickly remove bonded contamination
  • Easy to clean, just rinse with water. No kneading necessary
  • Medium-grade clay material
  • Re-usable up to 40 washes

We suggest using a quality clay lubricant, our Clay Lube is the best solution to help lubricate our Clay Mitt.

Note that depending on how contaminated the surface is, polishing may be required after the claying process.

Want to read more on how to use our Synthetic Clay MittClick Here.

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