What is a Car Wash Drying Aid?

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What is a Car Wash Drying Aid?

What is a car wash drying aid and what does it do?

In recent years, a new product category has begun to emerge in the automotive detailing world. Products called “drying aids” are becoming more popular and are one of the most recent advancements in detailing technology.  

What is a “drying aid”?

By definition (in detailing) a drying aid is a product that is applied and assists with the manual towel-drying process of a vehicle.

Where does a drying aid work best?

We suggest using a drying aid immediately after washing your vehicle, while it is still wet.

What are the benefits of using a drying aid?

Something important to understand is that any time you physically touch (fingers, hands, towels, mitts, dusters, cloths, etc.) your vehicle’s paint, you have the potential to scratch, swirl or mar the surface. Because of that, we want to lubricate whatever tool (wash mitt or drying towel in this case) as much as possible. You lubricate your wash mitt with soap & water during the wash process, and now you can lubricate your drying towel as you dry.

Other benefits of a drying aid:
  • Prevents water spots
  • Provides a super high-gloss finish
  • Seals paint & glass with a durable synthetic-coating
  • Helps repel water & dust

How to use Evaporate?

We suggest working in a shaded area, and on a cool surface.
What you’ll need:
As mentioned before, a drying aid is meant to be used after your vehicle has been washed, but while it is still wet. It’s important to note that you use a quality shampoo during your wash; we suggest using a shampoo that completely cleans the surface without leaving any wax behind (like our new wash soap Clean Strip.)
Once you have a clean surface, and it is completely rinsed down – fill a bucket with fresh water. We’ll use this to dunk one of our drying towels in.
Filling up a car wash bucket with car before washing
You’ll need two drying towels handy. Keep one completely dry and off to the side, we’ll use it later.
Using a Microfibre Drying Towel to dry a car.
Pro tip: Toss your dry towel inside the car on the driver’s seat to keep it out of the way and safe.

The other towel you’ll want to submerge completely in your bucket of water, and then wring it out so it is slightly damp.
Using Evaporate drying aid with wash bucket to dry a car.
Working one panel at a time, mist the wet surface with a few sprays of Evaporate (safe for use on glass).
Evaporate drying aid being used to dry a car after washing
Then, with your damp towel, distribute Evaporate along the surface while you are wiping away the excess water. We aren’t trying to completely dry the panel at this point, we’re simply trying to absorb as much excess water as possible and distribute product evenly along the surface.
Evaporate drying aid and microfibre drying towel
With your second, dry towel – absorb any remaining water/product and buff the panel to a high-gloss finish. Note: Evaporate can become difficult to remove if you allow it to dry on the surface before buffing it away, so it’s important to work quickly on this step.
Repeat this process on each panel of your vehicle until it is completely dry, then stand back and admire the ridiculous amount of gloss you never thought was possible. We’re not kidding, it’s pretty amazing!
How frequently should I use a drying aid?

Because Evaporate contains some pretty advanced sealants, we suggest using it on every-other wash.

And that's it, an additional measure of protection to help prevent those dreaded swirl marks while drying your car!

If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to leave a comment below or email our customer service team at info@jaylenosgarage.com.au

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