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Car Wash, Ceramic Coating -

So you've had your pride and joy ceramic coated, but how do maintain its great finish and make the coating last for as long as possible? What is the best car wash soap to use on ceramic coatings?

In this blog post we'll answer these questions and provide some simple tips to keep your ceramic coating looking great. 

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Fabric Cleaner, Floor Mats -

Your car mats get a hammering from getting in and out of your car with dirty shoes, so looking after them correctly is important but it will also increase their lifespan. 

In this blog, we'll show you the easiest way to remove light dirt and tough stains from your fabric car mats.

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Car Wash, Foam Cannon -

How do you use a snow foam cannon? Which is the best wash soap to use in a foam cannon?

We'll answer these questions and more in our latest blog.

Washing your car with a foam cannon is fun, easier and more importantly, make your vehicle look great! Learn more is this blog.

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Glass, Glass Cleaner, Windscreen -

Looking for the best way to clean your car windscreen and windows?

Its great to have a clean windscreen and windows to improve the appearance of your vehicle, but more importantly you need them clean while driving for safety reasons. 

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Summer -

As you know, our summer months here in Australia get extremely hot, this can have devastating effects on your vehicles paint if its not looked after correctly. 

We've put together some basic tips that will help you prevent sun damage and will make sure you paint is looking great.

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